Week 12 of Austin Marathon Training

What a difference a week makes!

It was a crazy week of weather in Austin. On Monday evening, it was 68 degrees when I got back from Big Bend National Park and went for a short run.

On Tuesday, we had an overnight freeze and an ice storm and school was canceled. My run on Tuesday afternoon was 30 degrees! It was still chilly on Wednesday but by Sunday morning, when I ran the 3M Half Marathon (recap coming soon!) it was 66 with a high of 72, and 95% humidity.

It was also a very exciting week because I had not one, but TWO friends in town!


My friend Hilary flew in for the Austin Marathon, and my best friend Lael was in town with the national tour of Finding Neverland, in which she plays the lead. It was so fun to have them both here and we explored a lot of new places in Austin (mostly restaurants) that I hadn’t been to yet.


Monday – 4 miles

Tuesday – 5 miles – School closed for an ice storm!


Wednesday – 6 miles

Thursday – Rest

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 2.5 mile shakeout run

Sunday – 3M Half Marathon + 1.5 mile warm up + 3.3 mile cool down = 18 miles total


TOTAL – 35.3 miles

To be perfectly honest, my 3.3-mile cool down (perfectly calculated because I ran 13.2 miles in the half marathon, not 13.1) was harder than the race. My legs were barely moving and it wasn’t more than a shuffle…but somehow I grinded out 18 miles for the day! And most importantly: no IT-band pain!!! I am still definitely under-trained for a marathon, I’ve decided that if I can do a 20-miler this weekend, I’ll attempt the marathon. EEP!


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