Week 4 of Austin Marathon Training

Luckily this was a cut-back week, because I was barely able to fit in marathon training in New York! But I walked a lot everyday (6-8 miles of walking in addition to running) so I got plenty of time on my feet. My right IT-band is acting up again, which is discouraging. I am trying not to succumb to the feeling that it will never get better. After all, my left side which was injured last year is now better! Earlier in the week my left calf felt sore because I was overcompensating for my sore right IT-band. I’m all out of sorts!

Next weekend I have the Rock n’ Roll San Antonio Half, and while I don’t really have any particular expectations for it, I’d like to see how fast I can push myself, so I am hoping my IT-band will cooperate with that.

Here’s how marathon training during Thanksgiving week went:

Monday – Rest (and compression sleeves at Finish Line Physical Therapy)


Tuesday – 6 miles in Brooklyn Bridge Park


Wednesday – SoulCycle class in Williamsburg

Thursday – 5 miles at the Prospect Park Turkey Trot


Friday – Rest

Saturday – 3 miles + swim (after an early morning flight back to Austin)

Sunday – 8 miles + Yoga Class

TOTAL – 23 miles

WhatsApp Image 2017-11-25 at 15.39.46

Austin’s new boardwalk on Town Lake (which is really part of the Colorado River…not a lake)

What a shock to the system it was to come back to the Austin heat! It was 80 degrees and sunny on Saturday, and 75 and sunny on Sunday. After the freezing temperatures in New York, it did feel really nice, but hard to get into the holiday spirit when it’s this warm. I took advantage of the warm weather by taking a post-run dip in Barton Springs on Saturday, which was glorious.

On Sunday I met my running buddy Nicole for the last 4 miles of my long run, and then we went to a free yoga class at the Patagonia store downtown. Luckily my IT-band cooperated with the long run, and an hour of stretching felt great afterwards. I’m so happy to have discovered a free Sunday morning yoga class – I’ll definitely be back!


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