Week 3 of Austin Marathon Training

This week went by in a blur! My friend Anna from London arrived for a visit on Monday evening, so I spent the week eating at restaurants more often than I usually do, and running a little less than I might otherwise. But I fit most of my miles in, and Anna biked next to me for some of my runs, which was really fun. I also made it to a track workout with Austin Runners Club and somehow ran my intervals at slower paces than the 5K I ran last week, but I think my legs were just tired after last week’s double speedwork and long run. 

Anna the running photographer

Anna the running photographer

Anna is a fitness photographer, so of course I had to take her up on the offer to get some photos of me running in Austin. On Thursday evening, we did a quick photoshoot at sunset and then did a run afterwards (with Anna biking next to me). On Saturday morning, we did a running photoshoot! We would run to a spot and stop to take photos, then run to another spot and stop again, over and over. It took us about 2 hours to cover 5 miles in this way, and it was a little rough on my legs (I definitely started to feel my cranky IT-band towards the end) but it was worth it for some awesome photos. Stay tuned…!

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Live Easy, Run Hard!

On Saturday afternoon, Anna and I flew to NYC for Thanksgiving! I am SO excited to be back in New York with my family and friends for a week. I’m also excited to show Anna around, since she’s never been to New York before!

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 4 miles: Track workout with Austin Runners Club (1200m, 1000m, 800m, 600m, 400m)

Wednesday – Bootcamp class

Thursday – 4 miles

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 5.2 miles

Sunday – 12 miles

TOTAL – 25 miles

My long run on Sunday was really rough. I was so excited to finally run in Central Park again, but I did not set myself up for success for this one. I went to Prospect Park in the morning to cheer for my friend running the Brooklyn Marathon, and hung out for too long there.

Cheering with my little buddy Zephana - how amazing is this shirt I found for her?!

Cheering with my little buddy Zephana – how amazing is this shirt I found for her?!

I didn’t have time to eat lunch and digest before my run so I just had some snacks, and I got a late start anyway. I also forgot a gel and bought a packet of Welch’s Fruit Snacks in the hopes that that would suffice. So off I went to do a 2+ hour long run on not nearly enough fuel, the day after a flight. 


The first 6-mile loop of Central Park was glorious and nostalgia-inducing, but then my phone suddenly died (it went from 70% to 0%) and also, I was freezing. I had left my gloves back in the locker at the NYRR Run Center. Also, my IT-band was starting to feel a little sore. I went back to the run center after 8 miles to get gloves, another layer, and recharge my phone, so that I could make a plan to meet up with Anna. When I arrived I found that I had lost one of the rubber earbud covers on my wireless headphones. I REALLY didn’t want to do those last 4 miles, but I’m running the San Antonio Half in two weeks and knew that running 12 miles would be confidence-boosting. So I forced myself back to the park, where it was dark and nearly empty. Those last miles were just a slog. It felt like everything that could have gone wrong did go wrong…except that I managed to complete the mileage I set out to do!

Just a typical day walking around NYC (including that 12 mile run!)

Just a typical day walking around NYC (including that 12 mile run!)

Next week is a cut-back week, which is much-needed. And it will also include the Prospect Park Turkey Trot – Happy Thanksgiving!


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