Paris in June

Hello from NYC!

I arrived home last night and will be in New York for a few weeks before moving to Austin. My last week in London was filled with goodbyes to both people and places, so I have a lot of blog re-capping to do from the month of June.

Before I left London, I visited France one last time for a long weekend at the end of June.


I was visiting my friend Maria Laura, who ran the Paris Marathon in April. The real reason for my trip was a 10km trail race in the Alps over the weekend, so I didn’t spend much time in Paris, but it was great to visit the city again to say goodbye!


It was the tail end of the late-June heat wave, and although it had cooled off in London, it was 95 degrees in Paris when I arrived! On Thursday evening, we went to see the Beyond the Stars impressionism exhibit in the Musée d’Orsay. I also did a quick run through the Impressionist wing!



Then we went for dinner of moules frites and Belgian beer along the Seine. It was the day after the Summer Solstice, so the sunset was around 10:45pm!



The next morning, before leaving for the Alps, I wandered through the Jardins de Tuileries and then visited the Musée de l’Orangerie, the home of Monet’s huge waterlilies paintings. There was also a great exhibit of Impressionist art from Tokyo.






We got back from the Alps late Sunday night (race recap coming soon!) and my train back to London wasn’t until Monday afternoon, so I had a few hours to kill on Monday morning. I got breakfast at a café called Le Chat Zen (the zen cat) and then went to the Centre Pompidou, Paris’s modern art museum. 



There was a Walker Evans photography exhibit which I really liked. Equally impressive is the view from the top floor! IMG_9620




After the museum, Maria Laura and I met our friend from college for lunch! Chloe just finished business school in California and is traveling in Europe for the summer. We had been emailing back and forth for weeks trying to figure out if we would overlap in London before I left, but she was planning to arrive the day after I flew back to New York. Then Maria Laura mentioned that Chloe was in Paris – we hadn’t even thought to consider Paris as an option for meeting up! The three of us had lunch at a vegetarian restaurant near St-Michel.


Then I ALMOST missed my Eurostar train back to Paris because of a major delay on the Metro, but I got there just in the nick of time (after boarding had already started). It was very stressful and I hope to never repeat that experience!

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