It’s the Final Countdown (Ottawa Marathon Training Wk T-1)


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This is it – the final week of marathon training! It is definitely starting to feel real and scary and I’m feeling the effects of the taper. I’m moody and antsy and nervous, and my legs feel jumpy sometimes and … Continue reading

Birthday Week (Ottawa Marathon Training Wk T-2)


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I really can’t believe I’m down to the last two weeks of marathon training. How did that happen so quickly?! Week 14 of Ottawa Marathon training was a good one. It was my first week of the three week taper … Continue reading

It’s Taper Time! (Ottawa Marathon Training Wk T-3)


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It’s finally time to taper for the Ottawa Marathon! This was my highest mileage week, the first time in a while that I’ve run 5 days a week (instead of my usual 4), and my last week of hard training. … Continue reading

One Month Countdown Begins! (Ottawa Marathon Training Wk T-4)


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The Ottawa Marathon is less than one month away! This week was another cutback week, after my 20-miler last weekend and before my upcoming 22-miler. I needed the physical (and mental) break from speed-work and enjoyed the beautiful spring weather on … Continue reading

To The Lighthouse! (Ottawa Marathon Training Wk T-5)


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This week marked my second-to-last super long run before the taper! It was also the first time I didn’t do a race that I registered for (which runners often refer to as DNS – did not show) and the first time I … Continue reading

Brooks Running Photoshoot in Brooklyn Bridge Park


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On Monday afternoon, I got to participate in a photo-shoot for Brooks Running! It was such a fun experience. Not only did we get to run around in some awesome new gear on a gorgeous 70-degree spring day, it was … Continue reading

The Power of Running Buddies (Ottawa Marathon Training Wk T-6)


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And somehow it was my TENTH week of Ottawa Marathon training! This week felt like a bit of a slog and I had to work hard to keep my motivation up. I kept telling myself that there are only a … Continue reading

Oops…I Registered For Another Marathon (Ottawa Marathon Training Wk T-7)


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You know you’re crazy when… …You register for your third marathon before having run your second! My friend María Laura and I have been talking about running the 2017 Paris Marathon together for a while now. Ever since I knew I … Continue reading