Sips by Tea Subscription Box Review

A few months ago, my friend told me about a really cool Austin-based organization called Boss Babes ATX. They’re an organization that supports women artists and entrepreneurs with events like craft fairs, meet-ups, and panel discussions.


I’ve gone to a few of their events, which have all been really cool! In December they hosted an event that was a meet-up for women artists and entrepreneurs (I don’t really fall into that category, but I support them!) and 30 women made one-minute pitches to the audience about their cause, organization, or business.

It was there that I met the founders of Sips by, a tea subscription box service based in Austin. I L-O-V-E tea, so I contacted them about trying out their service and reviewing a tea box!


First, you set up a tea lover’s profile, where you answer a series of questions related to your tea-drinking preferences.

Do you prefer loose-leafed or bagged tea, or a mix of both?

Caffeinated or herbal, or a mix of both?

What do you use tea for: to wake up, to relax, to detox?

Are there any flavors or ingredients you absolutely don’t want?


Every month, you get a box of four tea samples personalized for you, based on your responses to the quiz. They also include a reusable muslin cloth tea bag with disposable bags inside if your box includes loose leaf tea.

Here’s what was in my first box:


Petal to the Metal by Ruby Lion
Rose takes a back seat as the scent and taste of freshly peeled cardamom pods infuse this black tea with a nostalgic, grounding flavor profile!


Golden Detox by Hüttli Tea
A blend of tea, herbs, and super-fruits to nourish and cleanse, with powerful antioxidants and ingredients that help stimulate the intestinal tract and clear out toxins.


Rama Tulsi by Terroir Tea Merchant
Tulsi, aka “Holy Basil,” is an herb revered in Hinduism and Ayurveda for its many health benefits. This variety is cooling with a lingering smooth aftertaste.


Blackberry Fig by The Jasmine Pearl
High-bodied Darjeeling black tea with natural sweet fig, blackberry, and fragrant anise seed. This gently sweet blend is an excellent afternoon tea and pairs well with pastries.

It was a very varied mix (I think my favorite was the Petal to the Metal black rose tea) and definitely included some flavors I wouldn’t have bought a whole box of on my own, without having tried them first. I’m so excited for next month’s box of Sips by!

The founders of Sips by are so enthusiastic about tea and I love supporting women entrepreneurs and small business owners…plus, I really love tea.

If you want to try Sips by, use code GABRIELLE5 for $5 off your first Sips by box!

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