Weeks 10 & 11 of Austin Marathon Training

I finished up Week 10 sure that I was going to drop down to the Austin Half instead of the full marathon, and I finished up Week 11 with the fire reignited and trying to figure out if I can run the marathon after all…


Monday – Rest (travel day)

TuesdayJasyoga hip/glute strength and stretching

Wednesday – 4 miles before November Project happy hour

Thursday – 3 miles at the Austin Marathon happy hour run

Friday – Rest

Saturday – 14 miles

Sunday – 3 miles + Goat Yoga!

TOTAL – 21 miles


Week 11 ended with a three-day trip to Big Bend National Park, on the border with Texas and Mexico – full recap coming soon!


Monday – Rest

Tuesday – 9 mile bike ride at sunset


Wednesday – 4 miles

Thursday – Rest

Friday – Rest (8 hour drive to Big Bend National Park!)

Saturday – 6 mile hike in Big Bend National Park

Sunday Big Bend 10K Trail Race

TOTAL – 10.5 miles (uhhh…woops)
IMG_3474So yeah, 10.5 miles in one week really isn’t enough mileage, but I did do a long bike ride and long hike in addition to that. Being with the big group of runners in Big Bend really inspired me to try the Austin Marathon after all, and led me to an important perspective shift. I really haven’t been training to the level that I know is necessary for marathon training, so I certainly wouldn’t be going for a PR, but one friend reminded me that every marathon teaches you something, and you can learn from every experience of that kind. It might be worth my while after all.

So now I’m thinking that I’m going to go for a PR at the 3M Half Marathon this weekend, and if that goes well, I’ll try for a 20-miler the following weekend. If that goes well, I’ll run the Austin Marathon just for the experience, not for a PR.

I feel like I am ready to become a 3x marathoner…I just hope my legs are ready too!

Stay tuned!…

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