Weeks 8 & 9 of Austin Marathon Training

Happy New Year!


I spent the past two weeks in NYC for winter break, and had a great time catching up with friends, visiting family, and eating my favorite New York foods. I didn’t write a recap of how my training had been going because actually, it wasn’t going that well. On my first run back in NYC at the end of Week 7, my right IT-band (yes, that again) suddenly hurt so badly that I couldn’t walk, about 8 miles into a 14-mile run. So I had to cut the run short and hobble home. I took two days off and then it seemed to be fine. I don’t know if it was running in the cold after the warmth of Austin, or if it was attempting a long run the day after sitting on an airplane (and landing in NYC at 2am, in bed at 4am) but it was very discouraging. I thought it meant the end of my training, and felt like it was just inevitable that at some point my IT-band injury would put an end to my training.


I had some great runs after that, so it didn’t in fact end my training, but I am leaning more and more towards dropping down to the half marathon in Austin. However, since I technically am still registered for the marathon and have still been training, I’m going to recap the last two weeks, and will keep you posted on whether I decide to run the half or the full!

Week 8

Monday – Rest

Tuesday – Strength class at Uplift Studios

Wednesday – 5 miles in Brooklyn Bridge Park

Thursday – Rest

Friday – 6 miles in Central Park

Saturday – Rest

Sunday – 10 miles to Prospect Park

Total – 21 miles

In Week 9, it got bitterly cold in NYC. The temperature stayed below freezing for the entire week – and is still continuing that way right now!

How I spent the last week in NYC

How I spent the last week in NYC

I did two outdoor runs and two indoor runs this week. The indoor runs were at Mile High Run Club, an indoor treadmill studio with two locations in Manhattan. Their classes could be described as similar to a spin class but on a treadmill; you do intervals of speed and incline with music, and the instructor tells you what effort level you should be running at but you control the speed. It’s a great way to get through a treadmill workout, and makes the time fly by! I was really grateful to be able to rely on MHRC as an option (through Classpass) while I was home.

Week 9

Monday – Physique 57 class on Christmas Day

Tuesday – Rest

Wednesday – 3 miles

Thursday – 4.3 miles at Mile High Run Club NoHo (High 45)

Friday – Rest + a massage!

Saturday – 10 miles on the West Side Highway in the snow

It was bitterly cold (20 degrees! Plus wind!) but my friend Hilary and I were determined to get in a long run. As soon as we started running, it started snowing, and 10 miles later, the ground was covered in snow. It was very magical and I had been hoping to see some snow while I was in NYC, so I was delighted.



We ran over the Brooklyn Bridge to the West Side Highway, where we turned around at 50th street and finished near City Hall.


We ducked into Starbucks for some hot chocolate before getting on the subway. My water bottle of Nuun was almost completely frozen by the end of my run! IMG_2849

After a hot shower and lunch, I headed back outside to take some photos of Brooklyn Heights in the snow.




Sunday – 6 miles at Mile High Run Club NoMad (The Distance) + compression sleeves

Total – 23.3 miles


I flew back to Austin today, where it is actually also very cold (it was 28 degrees when I landed!) but will be warming up in a few days. Two weeks in NYC was the perfect amount of winter for me to get in the Christmas spirit, and then be glad I don’t have to deal with snow and slush and cold subway platforms for the rest of the winter. Hopefully I will be able to take advantage of training in the nice weather all winter – injury-permitting!


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