PPTC Turkey Trot Recap

Hello from NYC!

I’ve spent the past week frolicking around New York, meeting up with old friends and showing my photographer friend Anna (who is visiting from London) all of my favorite spots.


Central Park


East River Ferry

One of the things I was most excited for this week was the PPTC Turkey Trot 5-miler in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park! Last year I celebrated Thanksgiving in Paris on the Saturday after the holiday, but I really missed celebrating on Thursday with everyone else. (And being with family, of course!)

Did you know that the tradition of running an organized race on Thanksgiving Day has been around since 1896? That’s when the first Turkey Trot was run in Buffalo, NY – that’s the longest continually-run road race in America and is still held to this day! I love the tradition of the Turkey Trot because so many families participate together. It’s really nice to see so many people coming together to exercise and do something healthy before the [glorious] indulgence of Thanksgiving dinner. For many people, it’s also the only race they do all year. It’s such a unifying and positive tradition.


Our race was sponsored by Prospect Park Track Club, the running group I was a part of when I lived in Brooklyn, so I knew many of the race volunteers and runners. I was hoping for gorgeous fall weather, and I got my wish – it was bright and sunny, but a very chilly race start at 35 degrees!


We woke up early on Thanksgiving morning to catch sunrise on the Brooklyn Bridge. It was hard to drag ourselves out of bed and into the cold, but it was so worth it!



After sunrise, we met up with my mother who was also running, and all headed to Prospect Park. Anna has been dealing with a knee injury, and my right IT-band has been acting up lately, so we both wanted to take it easy during the race and just make it a fun run.


Lining up at the start of the Turkey Trot

The race was, as usual, a lot of fun. We saw people dressed up as turkeys, wearing turkey hats, turkey leggings and Thanksgiving-colored tutus, among other costumes. Anna was very entertained by the whole thing.

Screen Shot 2017-11-23 at 4.08.52 PM

All three of us had a pretty difficult race physically (my IT-band started hurting about halfway through) so we ended up taking some walk breaks, but it was all worth it for a turkey-shaped medal!


After the race, we got bagels and hot chocolate to refuel, and then headed home to get ready for a drive to Philadelphia for Thanksgiving dinner.

I hope you enjoyed a delicious Thanksgiving dinner with loved ones, and that you have a very relaxing long weekend!


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