Week 2 of Austin Marathon Training

This was a fun week of training! I mixed things up by going to an Austin Runners Club hill workout (a tempo workout on a hilly course, eep) and then did a 5K followed by yoga at the Wanderlust 108 Festival on Saturday.


Monday – Rest (including compression boots at Athletic Outcomes)

Tuesday – 3 miles, before

Wednesday – Rest

Thursday – 1 mile warm-up, 5 mile tempo run Austin Runners Club

Friday – Rest

Saturday –  3 miles at the Wanderlust Festival 5K + Yoga, 12 mile bike ride

Sunday – 11 miles

TOTAL: 23 miles


The Wanderlust 108 Festival on Saturday was a lot of fun. The event was called a “mindful triathlon” – a 5K run, a yoga class, and a meditation session.


I knew that the 5K would be untimed and probably not exactly 3.1 miles, but I still wanted to push my pace as a test of my current fitness, and to start getting my brain and my muscles back into a racing mindset. It was through a parking lot, so it wasn’t the most scenic 5K I’ve ever run, but I got it done. I ended up running 3 miles at an 8:07 min/mile pace, which is much slower than my PR but faster than I’ve run in a while, so I was happy!

Screen Shot 2017-11-12 at 10.03.20 PM

The yoga session followed the 5K, and they kicked things off with a pre-yoga dance party.


After yoga was a meditation session. I usually find it hard to focus during meditation, but I’m getting better! (I’ve been using the Headspace app with a subscription through work, and although I need to be more consistent about it, I like it when I remember to use it.)


There were also workshops you could attend throughout the day. I chose an aerial yoga workshop, which was really just an intro to aerial yoga with a few short poses, but that was perfect because sometimes I get nauseous hanging upside down for too long!





If you have the chance to attend a Wanderlust 108 Festival, I’d definitely recommend it – it was a fun event that would be perfect for a girls’ weekend, or a solo trip!


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