Yoga for Runners + A Month of Jasyoga for You!

I just started training for the Austin Marathon, and one of the most annoying things about marathon training is that you actually have to find the time to do other things besides run in order to stay healthy and strong. It just feels so unfair; I’m already doing all this running, isn’t that enough?!


As I learned last year when I was injured…no, it’s not. This time around, I’m trying to approach marathon training very cautiously and very wisely. I’m hoping that if I incorporate more strengthening and more recovery, I’ll be able to cross the Austin Marathon finish line uninjured and maybe even with a fast time.

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One of the ways I’m planning on doing that is by using Jasyoga. (Scroll to the bottom of this post for a code for a free month!) I’ve been doing Jasyoga consistently for almost a year now; I signed up and started doing Erin’s videos regularly when I was living in London last year and my grand plans to run the Paris Marathon had been side-lined by my IT-band injury.

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I should start by saying this isn’t a sponsored post – I pay for a Jasyoga monthly subscription and use it almost every day. Erin’s videos were really a game-changer for me. I’ve been doing yoga for several years now, but stretching and strengthening always takes a backseat to running when I’m in full-on training mode. I never used to warm up and cool down before a run, and I got lazy about stretching. I would make it to a yoga class once every few weeks. Then I found Jasyoga!

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So many of the videos on the Jasyoga website are short and sweet (many are less than 10 minutes long) and are specifically designed for athletes. Have tight hips? There’s a 5-minute video for that. Too lazy to do planks or core-strengthening on your own? (Guilty.) There’s a video for that. I love that you can search by body part and find a video targeted just for that specific area, or search by purpose – recovery, warm-up, cool-down, strength – and find a video that falls into that category.

Erin is constantly offering reminders in her videos that rest and recovery is just as important as running when training for an event; in fact, it’s an essential component. This alone has transformed my attitude towards marathon training. So much magic happens in the recovery. Jasyoga videos are also great for immediately post-race, when you want to move but aren’t ready to run yet, and for the off-season to keep you focused and strong.

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I was recently interviewed on the Jasyoga website about how I am planning to use Jasyoga in my marathon training for the Austin Marathon. Go check it out here!

Use code GABRIELLERESET for a free month of Jasyoga. Let me know what you think!


How do you incorporate strengthening and stretching into your marathon training?


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