Weekend in Chamonix, France

How many pictures of a snow-capped mountain can you handle?


I recapped the 10km du Mont Blanc, which I ran in Chamonix, France at the end of June, but there was much more to the weekend!

IMG_9460After our race, we went out for dinner in Saint-Gervais-les-Bains at a very cute little restaurant in the town square called Edelweiss.


This did nothing to convince me that I wasn’t living in The Sound of Music.


We had traditional foods from the Savoy region in the French Alps, including tartiflette. Cheese, meat, potatoes and white wine = Alpine perfection.


The next day, we crossed our fingers for sunshine so that we could take the cable car up to the top of Mont Blanc!

The téléphérique, the cable car which takes riders up to the top of L’Aiguille du Midi (neighboring Mont-Blanc) goes up to 3842 meters, or 12,605 feet. Mont Blanc is the highest point in Western Europe!



We rode up two cable cars to the top of the mountain, unsure what the view would be like at the top. We were immersed into the clouds at one point and then got glimpses of the mountain through the clouds – it certainly built the anticipation!



The cable car fit 50 people in each cabin and rocked a bit when we went over the supports, which was scary!


And all of a sudden we were at the top!


It was 80 degrees at the bottom in Chamonix, and 40 degrees at the top of the mountain. Brr!


I’ve never been to the Rockies and I hadn’t been to the Alps before, so I was just completely floored. I couldn’t stop taking photos and had to remind myself to put my phone down and appreciate the view in person – which I did!


IMG_4834 (1)

There was a glass chamber that jutted out from the mountain, where you could stand (wearing slippers over your shoes, so as not to scratch the glass floor) and gaze out over the mountains. I’m not afraid of heights but that glass floor was a little scary!



The top of Mont Blanc, in all her glory


Even though we were only up at the top for about an hour, I started to feel nauseous and get a bad headache from the altitude, so I was ready to head back down.

Back on the ground, we went out for amazing cheeseburgers for lunch – cheese and beef are definitely the top Alpine specialties!


We were so sad to leave – one weekend was way too short! I hope to make it back to the Alps soon. Chamonix was just magical in the summer and I’m sure it’s the same in the winter.


Then we headed back in the car for the long drive back to Paris. We went through the beautiful French countryside, and caught a great highway sunset.

HLQZ3939 (1)

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