Windsor Castle


On the day before my graduation, my parents and I took a day trip to Windsor Castle, the royal residence of the Queen, about an hour southwest of Central London.

We arrived just in time to see the parade for the Changing of the Guards, complete with a royal marching band.


Then we headed to the castle!


As you can see in this photo, the flag about Windsor Castle was flying at half-mast for the victims of the recent Grenfell Tower fire, as well as the victims of the recent terror attacks. It was a somber reminder of the difficult few months that the UK has endured.



Before entering the castle, we stopped for ice cream. I’ve made it something of a tradition to have ice cream when visiting a castle, like at Versailles in April and Hampton Court Palace in May, so I certainly wouldn’t want to break with tradition…




One of the most famous sights in Windsor Castle is Queen Mary’s dollhouse. It’s an incredible display of miniatures that was never intended for child’s play, but to show off the best and most modern styles of the day. It’s complete with electricity and running water! No photos were allowed, but this photo gives you an idea of the scale and size:

Screen Shot 2017-06-26 at 4.44.29 PM

The level of detail was incredible – complete with real replicas of artworks and novels of the time, produced by the artists and writers who produced the originals.

I loved the little Rolls Royce cars lined up in the garage, complete with a motorbike and sidecar!


After the dollhouse, we visited the State Apartments. One of my favorite rooms was the banquet hall, where they still hold banquets to this day. In 1992, a huge fire destroyed many of the rooms in Windsor Tower, so they were restored using traditional construction techniques, and the wood ceiling was beautiful.

This is what the Great Hall looks like when set up for a royal banquet:



After visiting the castle, we had lunch along the river in Windsor, and then walked through the town of Eton a bit before heading back to London in the afternoon.







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