Sunrise Yoga at the Sky Garden, London

Yesterday I woke up at the crack of dawn to do yoga on top of a London skyscraper…again!

In March, I did yoga at the top of The Shard, the tallest building in the European Union. Yesterday’s class was at the top of the Walkie-Talkie Building, where there’s an indoor garden and café called the Sky Garden. While the Shard yoga class was on the 69th floor and the Sky Garden was “only” the 35th floor, the bright and clear June sky made up for the foggy morning I had in March!


Another perk of the Sky Garden class over the Shard class was that it was only £10…a bargain for London, even without the view!


I convinced two friends to do the yoga class with me, and we all groggily met up with our yoga mats right before the 6:30am class. Margaret is leaving London soon, just like me, so the class was a nice stop on our farewell tour of London. My other friend Megan just moved to London a few weeks ago, so it was a nice intro to the city for her.


It was a very relaxing class and a nice way to ease into the day. I couldn’t tell if it was lack of sleep or the elevation, but some of the poses felt very difficult – my arms felt like lead when I stretched them out into the first Warrior Two pose. But by the end of the class I felt awake and rejuvenated.


Savasana reflections

On this particular morning, there was a film crew setting up to shoot a BBC documentary on the other side of the Sky Garden area, and we could hear them during the class which was distracting and made it hard to hear the instructor. Otherwise it was a great experience.


We had also registered for breakfast after the class (an additional £10) and we were told that we would have to take our breakfast to go because of the film crew. Um, no. We found a table away from the filming and sat and ate our breakfast while looking out at the view – after all, we had paid for it!



Bright and happy faces post-coffee




Although it’s a very early morning, I would definitely recommend yoga at the top of the Sky Garden for anyone visiting London. It’s not even much of a splurge at £10 a class! You do need to bring your own mat, which might be difficult as a tourist, but I’m sure a towel would suffice in a pinch. You can also visit the Sky Garden for free during the day, but you have to make a reservation and they fill up weeks in advance, so check in advance!



Where’s the coolest place you’ve done a workout class?


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  1. You definitely have me beat for coolest places you’ve done a workout- so stunning! And I’m glad you found a spot and made breakfast work, I would have too. :)

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