Day Trip to Brighton

Last weekend, when my friend Estefi was visiting from New York, we took a day trip to Brighton, a seaside resort town two hours south of London on the English Channel. It was a bit chilly for a beach day but it was very sunny, so we decided to venture south to the sea and see another side of England.


I just love being by the ocean. It was too cold to dip my toes in the water (plus there wasn’t sand – the shore was entirely made up of rocks and pebbles!) but it made me impatient for summer!



We wandered along the boardwalk and found a restaurant with a view of the ocean. We had soft-shell crab and white wine…it really felt like we were on vacation.IMG_8469

We also saw the West Pier, which you can see in the distance in the photo below, and wondered why it was just a shell standing in the water like that. It turns out that it opened in 1866 but was destroyed by a fire in 2003 and was declared to be beyond repair. Now it stands in the water like a relic of Brighton’s heyday, 100 years ago.




After lunch we walked down to the famous Brighton Pier, which opened in 1899. Nowadays it’s full of carnival rides and food vendors.




We went on one ride, The Twister, and enjoyed the view of the shore. We also got temporary tattoos! Estefi got a small bird in henna on her wrist, and I got a fleur-de-lis in jagua ink. It should last 2-4 weeks! I’m considering getting something similar (perhaps smaller) as a real tattoo so it was a nice way to test it out for a while before committing.


The views from the pier were beautiful – and the water looked so green!




We didn’t venture much further into Brighton (apparently we missed the Royal Pavilion and North Laine) because we were so tired by that point. We headed back to London with happy bellies full of seafood and faces full of salt and sunshine…

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!…


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