A Football Match, a Musical, and Emma Thompson

I can’t believe it’s the last day of March – this month has flown by, but I’m finally on spring break!

Last weekend I went to see 42nd Street on the West End with two of my classmates. It’s one of my favorite musicals – I saw it in NYC way back in 2001, and taught the choreography to the opening number to my college tap dance group.


The whole musical is like a love letter to NYC and old musicals, and it was a fun night out. I even realized I remembered most of the choreography from the opening number!


It’s beginning to look a lot like spring in London, and we had three or four days in a row of blue skies and sunshine. This is my front garden, with lots of spring flowers!


At my local farmer’s market, I ran into a celebrity who lives in the neighborhood: Emma Thompson! We were both buying cheese, and she was very sweet when I asked her for a photo.


The next day, I went to a football match at Wembley Stadium with my American friend who used to be a sports journalist. We went to see a World Cup Qualifier: England vs. Lithuania.


I had been to Wembley once before, when I ran through the stadium during the 2015 North London Half Marathon. It’s a huge stadium that seats 90,000! They announced that the attendance at that watch was 77,000.


Before the game, the Mayor of London and other officials laid down four wreaths on the field, one for each of the victims of last week’s terror attack. There was a minute of silence held for the victims, and it was a surprisingly moving experience to be in a huge stadium of 77,000 people who were all completely silent.


Once the game started, the crowd was back to its celebratory mood. England won 2-0!


Trying to take a photo outside the stadium and making sure Stu got the arch in the photo…


And now it’s finally spring break! I have four weeks off before my exams begin at the end of April. On Wednesday I’m heading to Paris…even though I won’t be running the marathon. I’ll be cheering for a few friends who are running, and eating lots of bread and cheese and macarons!

After Paris, I’m back in London for a day before I head to Dublin to visit my friend Alessandra for Easter. The break will also be filled with lots of studying and essay-writing, but most importantly, relaxing!

Cheers to Friday!


New British word of the week – Twaddle: trivial or foolish speech or writing; nonsense.


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