It’s the Final Countdown (Ottawa Marathon Training Wk T-1)

This is it – the final week of marathon training!

It is definitely starting to feel real and scary and I’m feeling the effects of the taper. I’m moody and antsy and nervous, and my legs feel jumpy sometimes and sluggish at other times. I’m obsessively checking the Ottawa forecast for race day (it looks hot – let’s not talk about it yet) and I’m starting to doubt that my time goal is realistic. I’m also trying to tell myself that this is all just the taper playing tricks with my mind, and that I’m well-prepared for a PR on Sunday!


Here’s how Week 15, my second-to-last week, of Ottawa Marathon training went down:

Monday: 5 miles

Tuesday: 6 miles (Tempo run: 1 mile warm up, 1.5 miles @ marathon pace, .5 mile easy, 1.5 miles @ marathon pace, 1.5 miles cool down)

Speed workouts during the taper are really just to maintain the speed and fitness acquired in the previous months, not to actually make you faster. This one felt pretty good. I did wonder how I would maintain that pace for 26+ miles, but I always wonder that about my half marathon pace as well, so I tried not to think about it too much!

Wednesday: Off

I had a work event on Wednesday night, and it was raining, so I took a mid-week rest day.

Thursday: 5 miles (including 2.5 miles at the NYRR Open Run/Brooklyn Half shakeout)


The Brooklyn Half expo was right in my backyard in Brooklyn Bridge Park, and the weekly Thursday NYRR Open Run changed to a shorter course this week as a shakeout run for the half marathon. I ran a few miles before and then joined some PPTC teammates for the open run. Even though I wasn’t running the Brooklyn Half, I went with them to the expo after and also got some food!


The run itself felt pretty terrible for some reason, but we were treated to a gorgeous Brooklyn sunset over the East River.



Friday: Off

Saturday: Yoga class (after Brooklyn Half cheering)

On Saturday I woke up bright and early to cheer for the Brooklyn Half!


I brought my “BROOKLYN WE GO HARD!” sign that I had made for the Brooklyn Marathon in November, and Carla brought our team’s big cat head poster on a pole. (Someone’s fiancée had made a poster of their cat’s picture for the NYC Marathon and it has since become a sort of club mascot. It got some pretty funny reactions from both runners and spectators!) IMG_1002


Like mother, like daughter :)


#PPTCat rides the subway


After cheering, we headed to Coney Island to congratulate our teammates. It wasn’t beach weather but at least the rain held off! I hurried back to my neighborhood and made it to yoga class just in time.





Riding the looooong way back from Coney Island with my friend Madoc, who ran 1:28!

: 8 milesOne week to go! This was my last “long” run, and it felt pretty good. I ran to Prospect Park, where I met up with Carla for the second half of my run. We ended at Smorgasburg, where we met up with a bunch of friends for lunch.

TOTAL: 24 miles


So this is it…the final countdown. I have a busy week ahead of me, and then we’re leaving for Ottawa on Friday afternoon. Goals for the week are to pack ahead of time so I don’t stress out or forget anything, and to get as much sleep as possible!

Also, I’m FINALLY seeing Hamilton on Tuesday – we bought our tickets in October! – so that will be a welcome distraction from thinking/worrying about the marathon. I can’t wait!!!


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2 thoughts on “It’s the Final Countdown (Ottawa Marathon Training Wk T-1)

  1. The hay is in the barn. You got this. You trained hard and diligently. Now comes the easy part: enjoy the ride, look at the scenery, take in the crowds. Don’t go all “oooot”!

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