From PR to PR! (Ottawa Marathon Training Wk T-9)

I’m back home after a magical week in the tropics!


After running the NYC Half last Sunday (full recap is coming!), I jumped on a plane to Puerto Rico that evening to start my highly-anticipated spring break. Since I had just run a personal record (PR) before heading to Puerto Rico (also PR), the theme of my trip became “From PR to PR.” (I’m glad some of you also got a kick out of my cheesy hashtag on Instagram!)


Sunset in Rincón

As you can imagine, going from running in 30-degree temperatures in NYC to 80-degree temperatures in Puerto Rico was not the easiest transition. I was also sore from the NYC Half, so even though I didn’t have a cut-back week or reverse-taper built into my marathon training plan, I tried to build back up gradually and run as slowly as I needed to in the heat and humidity.

A little bit of beach yoga – I call this one “Bridge to Paradise” :)

Much like my first week of Ottawa Marathon training, which was partly in Oslo, Norway, I strayed from the plan in the name of VACATION!

Here’s how Week 7 of Ottawa Marathon training went down, on the lovely island of Puerto Rico:

Monday: Off

Tuesday: 5 miles (to the beach!) in the morning, and a Bomba dance class in the evening


Morning run in Rincón

 Hike in El Yunque Rainforest

Thursday: 4 miles

Friday: Off

Saturday: 12 miles to Old San Juan and back

Sunday: Walking all over Old San Juan (about 7 miles)

Gorgeous Caribbean colors against a brilliantly blue sky


Castillo San Felipe del Morro, the historical fortress that protected the port of San Juan

21 miles (plus lots of walking)

So, 21 miles of running was a far cry from the 34-39 that my training plan prescribed for this week. Oops! I definitely needed an easy mileage week after the NYC Half, and I’m proud that I ran even 3 days on my tropical vacation, especially on sore post-race legs.

For Week 8, I’ll ramp up my volume and try to get over my post-vacation blues in cold and rainy NYC!


The view of El Yunque Rainforest from the top of a lookout tower

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