A Look Back at My 9+1 Races

It’s official – I have guaranteed entry for the 2014 NYC Marathon!

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New York Road Runners offers a guaranteed entry option for local runners called the 9+1 program: run 9 races (of any length) and volunteer at 1 within one calendar year, and get guaranteed entry into the following year’s marathon.

I’ve known that I wanted to do 9+1 to get into the marathon since the summer of 2012 when I was training for my first half marathon, but since I was living in Sicily for the first half of the year, there just wasn’t enough time to complete all of the races for the 2013 marathon. (And their old policy was that you had to be a NYRR member by January of the year you did your 9 races, although they’ve since changed that.)

So I set to work on 9+1 in 2013, and Saturday’s race was my last one. Now all I have to do is wait until the spring to register for the marathon…and it will all be real!


I also convinced my mother to do 9+1 with me, although it was easier to convince her to do 9 short races than it was to convince her to do the marathon. (I think I’ve finally won her over!) As a lifelong New Yorker, she just has to run the NYC Marathon once in her life, right?

My mom used to run the Mini 10K in the 1980s, before I was born, and then started running 5Ks and 10Ks again a few years ago. She rocked her first half marathon in September, so after that it wasn’t too hard to convince her that she could do a marathon. We ran 7 of our 9 qualifying races together, and volunteered together as well.

(Still haven’t convinced my dad to start running – he loves his power-walking – but he’s our biggest cheerleader!)

Brooklyn Half Marathon

Brooklyn Half Marathon

Although my mom and I probably won’t run the marathon next to each other (I don’t think that would be fun for either of us, since we run at different paces), I am so excited that our first marathon will be the same race.

Here’s a look back at the 9 races I ran in order to qualify for the 2014 NYC marathon:

#1 – Coogan’s Salsa, Blues, and Shamrocks 5K

Highlight : Getting free Irish breakfast and beer at Coogan’s after the race


#2 – Scotland Run 10K

Highlight: Convincing so many of my college friends to run with me!

Current 10K PR - Scotland Run

#3 –  Run for the Parks 4M

Highlight: Running with a sea of people in “I run for Boston” shirts just 5 days after the Boston Marathon bombings


#4 – UAE Healthy Kidney 10K

Highlight: Vanilla ice cream with honey at the finish, courtesy of UAE


#5 – Brooklyn Half Marathon

Highlights: PRing by 6 minutes, and eating a well-earned Nathan’s hot dog and fries on the Coney Island Boardwalk


#6 – NY Mini 10K

Highlight: Winning a pair of Oakley sunglasses!


#7 – Pride Run 5M 

Highlights: Running through sprinklers and getting a rainbow ice pop at the finish

(Never doing a late June race again…)

Pride Run

#8 – Staten Island Half Marathon

Highlight: Carla pacing me for the first 8 miles, helping me to achieve my 2013 goal of a sub-2 hour half marathon

Staten Island Half Photo_2

#9 – Dash to the Finish 5K

Highlight: Crossing the NYC Marathon finish line, on the same date (November 2nd) that I’ll cross it in 2014 after running the marathon!


Volunteer credit –  NYC Half

Highlight: Earning guaranteed entry into the 2014 NYC Half in March

NYC Half Volunteering


What’s the best race you’ve run so far this year?


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  1. Where would I be without you to inspire me? On the couch?!!!! Even before you could talk in full sentences you loved running. You would look out the window at the kids being dismissed from the school (which you pronounced “cool”) across the street and say, “(S)chool bus! Everybody running!”

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